Olive 8 Reset Pricing?

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 reset pricing? The reset pricing is between 13-23% lower than the previous listing prices but are still considerably higher than auction prices. View charts and read a review of this Seattle condo development's price changes.

2010 Seattle Condo Market in Review

Seattle condo review: 2010 Seattle condo market review. Looking at 2010 as a whole, it did not preform as well as 2009 but it wasn't too far behind. View charts and read a full review of the Seattle condo market in 2010.

Olive 8 and Fifth & Madison Update

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 and Fifth and Madison update. Olive 8 auctioned off 32 units, with all but 4 being sold. Out of the 16 auction homes in Fifth and Madison, 13 closed within 60 days.

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