Client Question of the Week: My condo’s tax assessed value went down, does that mean my condo value decreased?

Seattle condo review: If the condo's tax assessed value went down, does that mean the condo value decreased? Seattle condo expert Marco Kronen answers the important question all Seattle condo owners should know.

2200 Westlake Condos: Humble Beginnings, Bright Future

Seattle condo review: 2200 Westlake condos-humble beginnings, bright future. See photos a read a review on this Seattle condo development.

2010 Seattle Condo Market in Review

Seattle condo review: 2010 Seattle condo market review. Looking at 2010 as a whole, it did not preform as well as 2009 but it wasn't too far behind. View charts and read a full review of the Seattle condo market in 2010.

Olive 8 and Fifth & Madison Update

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 and Fifth and Madison update. Olive 8 auctioned off 32 units, with all but 4 being sold. Out of the 16 auction homes in Fifth and Madison, 13 closed within 60 days.

Olive 8 Auction Results

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 auction results. Thirty two homes were auctioned off by Kennedy Wilson. The homes were sold for an average of 66% of the previous listing price. Read a review of Olive 8's auction.

Four Seasons Hotel/Condo New Prices

Four Seasons Private Residences announced this week that they are extending some special pricing on selected remaining homes.  22 out of the 25 sales have closed so far with 11 remaining.  The [...]

Condo Updates

I've been working OT on a few deals so have a lot of catching up to do for the blog.  Here is some of the latest Seattle condo market news:   [...]

Madison Tower / Hotel 1000

Madison Tower/ Hotel 1000 was Seattle's first hotel/condo project completed in 2006.  Fourty-seven homes sit above the Hotel from the 15th level to 24th floors.  The building is located between Pioneer [...]

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