Luma has officially finalized their sales process for June 1st and here are the details.

Sales Process:

  • 1425497665-1597_0228_Luma_i04_RoofdeckOffers will be accepted on June 1st before 6pm via Priority Unit Selection Agreement
  • The Agreement will allow buyers to select and submit an offer on their first and second choice homes
  • Buyers will be allowed to add an escalation clause to their offers
  • No offer under the listed price will be accepted
  • A $5000 Selection Deposit is required
  • Obtain a pre-approval letter from one of the preferred lenders
  • The Public Offering Statement and Purchase and Sale Agreements are available to view in advance
  • All of this will be delivered to the sales center by 6pm on June 1st

If you have interest in Luma and there is a particular unit you have your eye on, like a unit with a large patio or a certain view, you would likely want to particpate in the June 1st sales process. If you are open to multiple units you can participate but could also wait until the sales become first come first serve.

As always, if you have any questions or would like assistance through the process we are here to help.

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to 
Seattle downtown condos.