HarvardA lot of people have been asking me about the Harvard & Highland project on Capitol Hill so I wanted to get an update on the project from the lead sales rep, Melissa Camp.  Please see her unedited replies to my questions about this unique project below!

Wendy: What's the most compelling thing that draws people to the project? 

Melissa: The value – there is no other product offering new construction design, quality and location such as this.

Wendy: Every project isn't right for every buyer; how would a buyer know H&H is the right fit for them? 

When people want the quality and feel of a single family home, but the benefit of maintenance free / lock n go lifestyle; all within a close proximity of the culture benefits of downtown Seattle.  All those puzzle pieces put together make the right fit.  It’s walkable to the ‘city’ restaurants but still within a timeless neighborhood of North Capitol Hill.

Wendy: Can you tell us a little about the remaining units available? 

With just four remaining, we still offer a great variety.  One garden level home, two penthouse homes, and one middle level location that is over 2000 SF, two bedroom, 2.25 bath, media room and office.  This particular home has a gorgeous outlook at the amazing gardens and water features. 

Wendy: Are there any incentives for these last few units?

Melissa: The developer has a "sellout  mindset" so while they're not discounting their asking prices they are looking hard at all reasonable offers.  With just four homes left (four homes sold so far this year) it makes more sense to accelerate the final sales than incur additional marketing cost.

Wendy: What do you think is the most overlooked aspect of the project?


These homes are gracious and feel more like single family residences than condominiums.  Being single level they make alternative to buyers seeking larger sq. ft. residences.  And located in a decidedly residential neighborhood so residents don't have to tolerate the urban considerations of in-city living while downtown Seattle is just 5 mins. away.

Also the fact that this project is extremely rare – the combination of a boutique sized, concrete and steel building located within a historic landmark neighborhood.  There are simply no other opportunities to develop in this area and no developer would attempt to build all larger floor plans of this quality and attempt to sell at the prices being offered today – the economics just wouldn't make sense and if they did, the owners at Harvard & Highland would realize a significant increase in value first.

For more on this project, feel free to check out the Harvard & Highland site.  You can also find my original reviews here and here.


By Wendy Leung with Seattle Condo Review. A guide to Seattle condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.