South Lake Union Park phase 1 will be open to the public on April 30th, Wednesday from 11.00am-1.00pm. This 1.6 acre parcel of green space is part of a 12-acre waterfront park development plan. The Seattle Parks Foundation is completing its campaign to raise $20 million in private contributions to develop the SLU park. During the grand opening, the public can enjoy a free salmon bake, live music, boat rides, historic vessels, educational activities, demonstrations, and prizes. You will also be able to see the plans for the entire 12-acre park which will be open in 2010.

No doubt, this is an exciting development for South Lake Union. It’s great to see more green space in the city especially with so many new construction projects coming up over the last few years and probably more developing moving forward. Retaining some land for green space will definitely enhance the area’s appeal as it attempts to evolve from its more commerical vibe.