Auctions, Auctions, Auctions

Looks like developers and buyers are warming up to this whole auction thing.  Thirty six units will be auctioned off on December 5th from the Avaview in Crown Hill, Sunrise on [...]

Brix and Gallery Auction Events

Yesterday was an exciting day for some home buyers eagerly packed into the Grand Hyatt for Brix and Gallery auction events.  I just came back from vacation and missed the Brix [...]

Lumen Auction

  Lumen announced today that they are auctioning off 19 of their remaining homes on Saturday, July 11th at 1.00pm at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  A pre-auction seminar will be held for [...]

4217 Fremont- Sealed Bid Auction

  Remember 4217 Fremont Condos?  The developer for this 6 unit condo had sold two homes and turned the remaining homes into rental units.  Apparently, one of the owners is trying [...]

Queen Anne Condo Auction – by the numbers

As promised, here's a neat chart I whipped up showing the original listing prices and their ultimate auction winning price.  As you can see, some people picked up 2BR units for [...]

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