Lawsuits, Land Prices & WA State Condo Laws all to Blame for Rising Condo Costs in Seattle?

I’ve been saying for years, that one way our city and state can help address affordable housing within our skyrocketing condo market, is to address the issue that developers are afraid to build condos! Why are they afraid? Because they know they are going to get sued by the HOA’s, and to prepare for that, they have to pad the development budget by driving up the cost of the condo units to make up for the expense.

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Client Question of the Week: What is the HOA Payoff Demand & Who Pays for it?

Client Question of the Week: “Escrow just called me and asked for a credit card to pay for an HOA Payoff Demand. What is this and who pays for this? Is [...]

In the News – Quoted in Seattle Times’ ‘Behind the Veil’ Article

I'm in the news this week: see my thoughts on the repair project at 2200 Westlake condominiums in the link below. Seattle Times article- Behind the Veil, Condos Repaired  

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Seattle Condo Stats First Quarter 2015

Seattle condo review: Seattle condo stats First Quarter 2015. We first take a look at the whole city of Seattle to get a general overview of our area’s condo market and then we drill down by neighborhood using the MLS areas focusing on the areas that have the largest concentration of condos here in our city. See photos and read a full update of these Seattle condo developments.

Seattle New Construction Condo Comparison

Seattle condo review: New Seattle construction condo comparison. In a market where current availability of units for sale is a challenge, being patient and considering a new construction presale can be a great solution. Read and view a comparison on multiple condos within Seattle.

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