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200 West Highland, in Queen Anne, will hold its Grand Opening event on Thursday, March 12 from 5.30pm-8.30pm.  I managed to take a preview this week so here's my initial take on things.

This 5 story building offers 25 homes with 2 color schemes (pre-selected).  So far, two homes are under contract.  200 West Highland's Interior finishes and design are contemporary and come with some really nice touches like stone slab for the fireplace, marble slab in bathroom, under cabinet lighting, recessed mechanized (cool!) shades, and aluminium framed bay windows to withstand strong winds.  There is also a well-equipped fitness room in the building.

How does 200 West Highland compare to its northern neighbor, 22 West Lee?

  • The largest homes in 200 West Highland are much larger reaching up to 2,852 square feet whereas 22 West Lee homes top out at 1,644 square feet.
  • All the homes in 200 West Highland are air-conditioned but 22 West Lee homes are only air-conditioned on the top floor.  The living areas in 200 West Highland have hardwood floors but are not available in 22 West Lee.

  • 200 West Highland is a concrete and steel building but 22 West Lee is not.  Not surprisingly, 200 West Highland homes also comes at a higher price premium.

    200 W Highland   1,499-2,852 sqft.       $1.2M -$3.3M  
    22 W Lee            1,477-1,644 sqft.       $600,000's-$1.2M (Sold and Active 2007-2009)

  • In the case of 22 West Lee, the balcony/deck size are more proportionally allocated for each home but they varies in sizes for 200 W Highland homes.  It can be anywhere from 12 square feet to as big as 1,132 square feet. 

  • 200 West Highland is located near Kerry Park and has great water views for some of the south  and west facing homes.  As for 22 West Lee, the water views are more scarce. 

  • Lastly, 22 West Lee is closer to all the conveniences on the top of Queen Anne.


Overall, 200 West Highland's construction seemed really solid and interior finishes are pretty high quality.  The bonus feature is that most homes have a seperate laundry room and at least a resonable sized pantry.  This would be a great building to consider if you are downsizing from a big house or looking for a really solid Queen Anne building.

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