Spire Condominiums Offering Buyer IncentivesSpire Condominiums is now offering incentives for buyer’s who get into contract to purchase a unit at Spire.

Here are the incentives they are offering to Spire home buyers for a limited time:

  • Seller credit– they are offering a seller credit of $10,000 for one bedrooms, $25,000 for two bedrooms and $50,000 for three bedrooms
  • Interest rate locks– they are locking in today’s historically low interest rates up to 12 months in advance
  • Rent reimbursement– if your lease term overlaps with your closing date, Spire may reimburse you for rent due to your landlord
  • Down payment assistance– for buyer’s who want to put less money down, Spire is offering special financing that may reduce your down payment requirement
  • Low-maintenance lifestyle– on top of the standard new home warranty, a buyer’s incentive may include extended quarterly home maintenance through a single point of contact

If any of these buyer incentives spark a renewed interest in purchasing a condominium at Spire, it might be time to revisit.