Well this is certainly some good news for us downtown dwellers as it looks like Amazon is buying the 11 buildingsthey lease in South Lake Union that Vulcan recently announced they were selling.  The PSBJ is indicating the sale will be for a reported $1.16 billion.  This recent news by Vulcan that they planned to sell the buildings caused a bit of a stir in the SLU and Downtown neighborhoods since everyone was wondering how the sale of those building might affect the area with a new owner coming in.  But this may put fears at ease knowing Amazon is the potential buyer. Nearby condo buildings such as 2200 Westlake, Carbon 56, Enso, Veer Lofts, and Cosmopolitan have been enjoying new vibrancy from the restaurants, bars, services, and the like all popping up mainly due to the new larger tenants coming into the area.  Amazon obviously being one of the main draws of these new businesses.

Read the PSBJ article here:  Amazon to pay $1.16B for 11 Seattle buildings

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle Condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.