12th_and_johnThe Anhalt, located at the intersection of 12th and John, is an excellent example of the fine architecture visible in Frederick Anhalt’s Depression-era, luxury apartment buildings.

Anhalt’s contribution to Seattle architecture is legendary and tends to include revivals of earlier styles. The Anhalt condos are no different and are constructed in French Normandy style. The units are currently being converted and are expected to be available in July.

The Anhalt building contains 7 units. Four of the units are approached from the interior of the building and 3 are stand alone town homes.

The interior units include a studio, a 1 bedroom, a 2 bedroom and a 4 bedroom. The small studio with 443 sq ft is priced at $255,990. The 624 sq ft, 1 bedroom is on the market for $355,990 while the 2 bedroom is 1054 sq. ft. and is available for $526,500. 

The 2,446 sq ft, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home comes with a tandem garage and is priced at $990,990. The other 3 units are all 2 bedroom townhomes with ~1000-1100 square feet and are priced from ~$495K to ~$500K.

Other Anhalt Projects:


Belmont Court (750 Belmont Ave E)
Built in 1929


The Twin Gables (1516 E Repulican St)
Built in 1929


1014 E Roy (1014 E Roy St)
Built in 1928


Anhalt Arms Apartment (1405 E John St)
Built in 1928

Anhalt map


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