Western and Blanchard: Reader Survey Results

We had quite a handful of readers participating in the Western and Blanchard survey. Here are some highlights and key takeaways from the results. __________________________________________ Summary: Close to 2/3 of the [...]

Western and Blanchard- Help Design It?

  I’ve been learning about a new Belltown project summarized below. I also interviewed the developer as well as agreed to post an SCR survey to give my readers the opportunity [...]

Condo Purchase Post Mortem Analysis

In a recent post, we looked at three projects completed last year and how closely the developers delivered on what they promised. Nothing beats hearing first-hand experience from homeowners who actually [...]

Seattle’s Best Looking New project

Fifteen Twenty One               Escala                             AVA         1 Hotel                        Olive [...]

New construction’s impact on existing resale pricing

How are all the new pre-sale projects impacting existing resale condos? I recently posted a poll and more than half of voters felt that the new construction is only going to [...]

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