Winter Weather is Coming, is Your Condo Ready?

Seattle condo review: Winter weather is coming, is your condo ready? We were prompted to do some research on condo winter readiness to protect your investment if you are a condo owner. Read a full review on how to prepare your Seattle condo for the winter.

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Lowest Seattle Condo Inventory in Years…Prices Not Budging

Seattle condo review: Lowest Seattle condo inventory in years, the prices are remaining constant. The August 2012 Seattle condo sales and inventory numbers are in. Read a review on the sales and inventory of Seattle condos in August 2012.

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Amazon’s New Towers in Denny Triangle Will Be Neighbors to Several Seattle Condos

Seattle condo review: Amazon's new towers in Denny Triangle will be neighbors to several Seattle condos. A quick look at what the new upcoming Seattle condo development may look like.

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