Downtown Seattle Condos
Yesterday on my morning walk I caught a glimpse of the demolition underway on the old hotel that sits on the site of what will be Amazon’s first new high-rise they will be constructing in the Denny Triangle.  It was quite a sight to see this 6 story hotel being reduced to nothing in no time flat to make way for the new skyscraper.

There are a lot of changes coming to this Seattle neighborhood and some will have an effect on the view outlooks of condos already in the area.  Condo buildings that I feel will be most affected by this new 425 foot tall office tower will be the west building of 2200 Westlake which will lose a bit of the city skyline outlook and Enso Condominiums south facing units which will see some reduction of skyline views to the SW.

Whether you are pro change, or resist the inevitable it’s good to know what’s going on around you.

                                                 Seattle Downtown Condos

                                                           View of demo with 2200 in the background

                                                 Downtown Seattle Condos

                                                            View of demo with Enso in the background

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