Every year, during about 2 weeks of the summer, I get a few inquiries from condo buyers explicitly looking for urban homes with air condition systems.  For those of you who just moved from out of town, Seattle's summer is rarely as warm as what some of the East Coast cities are experiencing.  The good news is f you really like/need to have an air- conditioned condo, you will have a pretty good chance of finding them in Belltown and Downtown.

I did some research recently for a client and below is a quick look at condos in Belltown and Downtown with/without air condition systems.  

Condos With and Without Air Condition

(Information from NWMLS and building managers. They are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. )

What happens if you really like a particular condo but it doesn't come with any air conditioning system? Check with the homeowners' assocation if the unit might be air conditioning ready but just not hooked up yet.  If not, look up the resale certificate to see if you're allowed to install one in your condo. Some associations might allow it as long as it does not damage or affect the exterior structure of the building or create inconsistency to the condo exterior.  Every homeowners' assocation works differently, so do consult them if you plan on buying that condo and installing an air condition system down the road. Worst comes to worst, you could purchase one of those portable air conditioners with a portable vent hose and set it up within a few minutes (but that may not be the most attractive or powerful option and may also run afoul of HOA rules and reg's).

Hope you had a wonderful summer so far!  Here's to needing air conditioning for many more weeks 😉


By Wendy Leung with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle Condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.