If you have any curiousity about what the massive 3 office tower, 3 block and 3 million square foot Amazon project in the Denny Triangle will look like, new renderings have recently been released by Amazon's project artictect, NBBJ.

From what we can see, the sites will be a mix of midrise and highrise buildings. There will be dedicated space for greenery and outdoor space, which will include an off-leash dog area, seating areas, a playfield with artificial turf, water features and integrated artwork. They also plan to take security seriously by use of lighting, cameras, security officers, and increased visability. Along with the office towers comes main level retail space, which will be a bonus for those working and living in the area.
















Which condos will be affected most by the addition of Amazon's new towers?

Enso, 2200 Westlake, Veer, and Cosmopolitan will likely see an increase in desireability and demand coming from those workers who will be working in the new office space. This could in turn put upward pressure on pricing depending on condo inventory at the time. Buildings in Belltown could also see a similar increase in demand. In terms of outlooks and views, those living in 2200 Westlake and facing west will have an impact to thier westerly views in terms of what they look at and potentially decreases in light exposure. Amazon's new towers,  nicknamed Rufus 2.0, start  a block away from 2200 and Enso, so at least there is a buffer of open space and light.

Esno Condominums will see it's biggest impacts on those units facing south and southwest.   Whereas Cosmopolitan condos will likely see some views to the northwest obstructed, and some will sadly lose the views of the space needle I suspect.

The jury is out for some as to whether the project is a good thing for Denny Triangle. What are your thoughts?  Two thumbs up, or two thumbs down?

Click here to see the renderings and read the Seattle Times article.

 By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle Condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.


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