FengshuiI have been asked on many occasions by some of my clients, "What is Feng Shui?" They hear people talking about it and how it is supposed to enhance your home and make it harmonious for everyone in the family. Not only are most Chinese believers of Feng Shui, I’ve noticed more and more non-Chinese are interested in this ancient practice as well.

Feng Shui in direct Chinese translation means wind and water. They are the energy that surrounds us that shapes our environment. Positive and negative energy affect our daily life when we are at home or at work. In ancient China, Feng Shui Masters used Feng Shui to located good grave sites (for the emperor or the wealthy) or to improve existing ancestor sites. In modern society, it is not a common use and is mainly used in homes or work places.

Applying Feng Shui in our home/condo can help us to improve our living space energy. There are a few Feng Shui do’s and don’ts that are pretty commonly known which you can apply to your home or condo.

The entrance door should be free from clutter/blockage.

The door to your home is where the energy (chi) enters. It should be free from clutter to prevent any blockage of energy to the rest of your home. It shouldn’t have items hanging over your door blocking the entrance. (I went to one of my best friend’s homes last year and her mom hung 3 potted plants on the top in front of their door with leaves hanging down. This is considered bad energy. The energy is flowing downward right in front of the door. They removed the plant immediately)

Your door should be easily visible to your guests.

A color that stands out and can be easily seen by visitors is more preferred. Most condos might not allow you to change the color of your door but you may be able to enlarge your unit number to make it more visible.

Your bed should be in a commanding position.

Since most people spend 1/3 of their time in bed sleeping, the bedroom is one of the most critical areas to make sure the energy is positive. Having the door facing the bed is a big big no no. The energy comes in from the door and immediately goes right to the bed. The energy is too aggressive for someone trying to get some rest. Your bed should be placed furthest from the door. Sometimes the layout does not allow you to do that.

You should try to position your bed against a wall (that gives you strong backing) and in a position where you can see the door (and allow you to see who is coming into the room). This is what we call a commanding position.

Remove mirrors in the bedroom that are facing the bed.

Mirrors reflect energy and in a bedroom where you are resting, you do not want to have them facing you. Mirrors also act like a knife. For a married couple, you definitely do not want the mirror to be in the middle facing both of you that is cutting the union. You should either remove them immediately or use a curtain to cover it.

Don’t leave the toilet cover open

This is something that I tell my husband all the time. I think it is harder for men to remember than woman. An open cover allows energy to leak away and especially for someone who has their own business, they definitely don’t want their fortune to leak away. I know some of you may think that this is ridiculous but think about a time when you stepped into a room and you immediately felt safe and secure, or scared and uncomfortable. Energy is around us; you may not be able to see it but you can definitely feel it.

Remove dead plants.

If you love plants, always remember to take good care of them. Dead plants give negative energy in the house. If you have dry plant decorations, replace them with real plants instead. Plants are living energy and affect your living space as well. It is ideal to have living energy at home to help us to circulate the energy. For example, keep a fish tank or pets at home.

Our home/condo is where we find comfort after a long day of work. A little change can easily enhance our living space making it more safe, comfortable and relaxed for us mentally and spiritually.


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