Four_seasons_seattle_7The exclusive high-end condos in the Four Seasons are scheduled for completion end of October this year. Twenty five of the thirty six homes are sold since they started marketing two years ago.  I took a hard hat tour yesterday and the weather was pretty damp. The pictures didn’t turn out quite as what I wanted them but I’ve posted them nonetheless.

When asked about the thought that goes behind the architectural design, Molly Gleason, the sales manager pointed out that the architects wanted a more subtle design for the building that expressed a northwestern and natural feel that would blend in with the downtown neighborhood. They did not want a pop out design for the building. The interior of the hotel also uses earthy colored slate stones and marble. You can see that same northwestern, earthy feel extended throughout other parts of the hotel as well.


Residences will have their own private entrance separate from the hotel portion. Owners can access only to their own level. One of the reasons that Four Seasons appeals to these buyers is the privacy and security they expect from the hotel. Many of the home buyers went with the finishes that the developer picked out with a number of them bringing in their own architects and interior designers to help them customize and design their homes. The customization option will not be available once the unsold units are completed. The developer has not raised their price, however, once the homes are completed, they expect to raise it by 3%.


Penthouse level homes (Approx. 3,500 square feet of outdoor space and 5,300 square feet of indoor space.)

The residence level has 23 different floor plans, this makes it more difficult to build since they are not your generic stacked homes. The developer wants to provide more variety to home buyers so that they can find something that resonates with them and to suit the way they want to live.

Here are some of my takeaway thoughts:

  • Even though the hotel portion is unfinished, you could imagine that once they finish it up, this would be what you would expect from a high end hotel, high end finishes and strict attention to details on the design.
  • Main selling point is the Four Seasons brand with privacy and security as the next biggest appeal for homebuyers. The location is of course one of the major selling points for this building as well. For someone looking for this type of high-end product, price is usually a non-issue.
  • High grade wall to ceiling windows are used in these homes to block out noise coming from I-99. This really helps insulating the noise from the road.

The sales center will be opened by appointment this November in one of their residences on the 11th level.

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