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Harvard and Highland's Broker open house was yesterday and they had a pretty good turn out.  If you are curious how a high-end luxury condo in the Historic Landmark District looks like, they're having their open house on Saturday from 1-4pm.  Prices range from $1.5M to more than $5M.

22 out of the 38 homes are pre-sold with completion expected in one month.  Since the launch of the project, there haven't been any price changes.  Four homes were available for viewing yesterday.  I noticed during the tour that there were no back splashes or cabinets hardware installed in the kitchen.  According to the developer, George Kropinski, many of their home buyers are pretty particular about the type of back splash and hardware that goes into their kitchen. They want to be able to pick their own materials.  

One thing I always enjoy doing when looking at higher-end projects is to examine the grout work in the bathroom, quality and alignment of the kitchen cabinets and hinges, and how well cut the granite counter tops are on the edges.  It tells a lot if the contractors hired are rushing their work and doing a sloppy job or if they have skilled contractors that really take the time to meticulously carry out their work.  In the case of Harvard and Highland, the quality of the job was high and consistent throughout.

All the homes have either 2, 3 or 4 parking spaces depending on the size of the home.  Three exercise rooms are available for this 5-building development.  From the exterior, even though each building has a few homes in it, it looks like a large stately home.  I love the curved decks and custom cast stone design they have on the exteriors of the buildings.  

The interior of Harvard and Highland is very similar to Harvard Estate.  Design elements like coffered ceilings, stone tiled work, wide gallery hallway, and crown molding on windows, doors, and ceilings are throughout.  Charles Strazzara, one of the partners from Studio Meng Strazzara (the architects) pointed out that there are a couple of things that are different in the Harvard and Highland project.  Taller doors (8 foot) and windows are used to create more height and allow more light into the homes.  Acoustically speaking, they also used higher grade sound proofing system in this project.  There is also an on-site concierge which is not the case for Harvard Estate. 

Overall, Harvard and Highland is a beautiful gated condo community suited for buyers looking for quality construction and workmanship.  Compared to Harvard Estate, It has larger homes, grander outdoor landscaping (water feature with sculpture), and more outdoor private spaces for owners.

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