I just did a walk through with one of my clients for their purchase in Trace Lofts. They are closing in a few weeks’ time. If you have visited the sale center, you probably remember that only pieces of finishes were presented. No model unit for Trace Lofts was available except for Trace North.

The unit turned out better than I expected and was a pleasant surprise for my clients and me. The finishes weren’t the typical slab countertop or high-end cabinetry system; however, when everything is put together, everything goes very well with the fir wood flooring and exposed beams. One of the highlights is the heavy salvage door installed in the bedroom, adding an edgy urban touch to the unit.

Img_0908 Img_0909_2

So far, 70% of the Trace Loft units are sold. 20 out of their 35 released units in Trace North are also under contract. Comparing the two buildlings’ finishes, I would much prefer Trace Lofts given they are more interesting and more lofty feel.

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