Four_seasons_2_1 I visited the preview center for Four Seasons a few days ago. Unlike most sale centers where home buyers or realtors will browse through the renderings, floor plans and finishes, this one is available by private appointment where you get the undivided attention of the sales manager.  Like a super high-end boutique, if you have to ask how much…

Since they started selling a year ago, even with a pretty low profile marketing campaign, 16 out of the 36 homes have been sold including their 2 level penthouse unit which is over 10 million. There are 23 different floor plans for the 36 homes which is located from the 11th level to 21st level of the Four Seasons Seattle.


I asked Molly, the sale manager some questions about the project.  Here are her thoughts:

At $2,100/ square feet, several SCR readers have commented that it is more expensive than some New York Hotel/condos, what do you say about that?

Four Seasons is well known as a premier brand in the world. Home buyers who bought here are paying for the brand and they know that they are buying into a boutique hotel/condo property. They don’t really ask about the dollars that they are paying, they come into the sale center knowing that they are going to have a great experience living in the Four Seasons. From the time they drive up to the hotel, are greeted by the concierge to taking the private elevator to their home and ordering room service, they are buying into a different life style.


They know that they are going to get the world class services and amenities with Four Seasons. This hotel/condo is right down the water with the galleries, Pike Market and symphony hall just a few blocks away. There is no congestion and you are getting incredible views from most of the units. It is going to be a calm and tranquil place for them to call home.

There are rumors that Bill Gates has bought a unit, is that true?

We have some high profile home buyers, however, we don’t discuss their identity. Privacy is what our buyers are looking for in this building.

Four_seasons_preview_center_1 Four_seasons_preview_center_kitchen_3

How is Four Seasons different from other hotel condo combos in Seattle?

The difference is the brand name, the idea of staying on top of a premier brand hotel, and the world class service that you are going to get from Four Seasons.

A few of the homebuyers shared their thoughts that they love Four Seasons because they had great experience living in the hotel when they were having their honeymoon or when they are traveling. Even the purchasing process is a world class red carpet experience. When we have an out of state home buyers coming into town, we make sure that a town car is ready to pick them up from the airport, we arrange private lunch and provide personalized service for them every step of the way.

Four Seasons is not the type of property that buyer buy to flip, they buy to keep or pass it on to their loves one.

If you are curious about the Four Seasons project, check out their virtual tour on their website.

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