Inhabit_2I came across this interesting property listed by Moira Holley.  On the outside, it certainly doesn't look like your typical condo or townhome.  In fact, these are actually modular homes designed by Mithun and Hybrid sitting on top of the outdoor terrace of Rainier Tower on 5th and Seneca 4th and University.  It was toured by 1,200 visitors in September 2007.

The two built green homes are approx 1,155 square feet. Each home comes with a one bedroom and one bathroom.  Asking price is $300,000. They can be stacked vertically, separated into two cottages, or reconfigured to form a single home.  The units were built in a modular factory, transformed in Burlington, and had their interiors designed by Seattle's Art Vision. According to Unico Properties, who commissioned the architect firms to design these homes, it’s a plug-and-play solution for a vacation cottage, guest house, artist studio, or building addition.  Unico Properties has also recently received approval for a 66 unit modular apartment complex on Dexter Ave North.