Luma, the new construction condominium tower on First Hill, had their opening sales event on June 1st and have now released the sales information from that event.

From the Sales Team:

  • Luma buyers purchased over $12,000,000 in homes on June 1st
  • “Buyers selected homes from all sizes and locations in the building which means we have all types and price ranges still available” – Julie McAvoy, Director of Sales at Luma
  • They sold out of the open one bedroom plans (there were 3) that were under $400k

From what we can gather from the website:

  • They had 16 sales during the sales event
  • 7 of those sales were on floors 2 through 5
  • No sales were on floors 6-15
  • The remaining 9 sales were on or above the 16th floor
  • 2 penthouses were sold – both north facing
  • 11 of the sales were 1 beds and 5 were 2 bedrooms
  • 3 of the units sold had the large patio spaces

Based on the information above, it seems like the smaller and likely more affordable one bedroom units on the lower floors were the most popular sell at the event. Then the rest of the sales were on the higher floors, likely due to buyers wanting to pick up views and overall outlook and light. All but one of the 2 bedrooms sold were on the higher floors.

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.