Since I started this blog over a year ago, many things have taken place. Planned projects went under construction, conversions occured in several neighborhoods near the Seattle urban core, tenants have been displaced, height restrictions were lifted, rental rates have gone up and of course, more planned projects seem to be announced every few weeks.

One of the projects that is near to completion is Lumen, probably one of the most unique condos in Seattle. Their design emphasizes on efficient use of space, clean line and sleek look.

Last week Lumen had a home tour where they unveiled to the public three homes styled by renowned designer, Garret Cord Werner, Kasala and Roche Bobois. If you have visited the previous sale center which showcased their open one bedroom floor plan, (they just moved the center into one of their courtyard units.) you’ll probably remember the contemporary bed with hidden storage below the mattress and cupboard that serves as a dividing wall between the living and bedroom area. That was styled by Garret Cord. The furniture is now in a courtyard open one bedroom unit.

Lumen_bedroom_4 Lumen_living_room_3

One of their 2 level two bedroom courtyard town homes is styled with Roche Bobois funiture. With the exception of the kitchen and bathroom finishes, the rest of the home feels more industrial and raw than your typically condo. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Even with the designer furniture, the condo felt somewhat unfinished. The main attraction to the unit is the tall ceiling, floor to ceiling glass windows and generous patio space just right off the living area.



The one bedroom plus den S floor plan is styled with Kasala furniture. The living space is narrow, however, you can probably use the den area as a 2nd living space.


There doesn’t seem to be an adequate amount of lighting in many of their floor plans. This is probably something a homeowner would want to consider installing. I’m not a big fan of their white Enamel cabinetries especially if it goes with polished concrete floors instead of hardwood floors. In my opinion, it felt a bit sterile and pale. I’m obviously not the type of home buyer they are trying to target so this might be the perfect look and feel for many edgier, more avante garde buyers. For the rest of us, the most homey package will be the combination of hardwood floors and wood kitchen cabinetries.

Overall, the rending of the floor plan and finishes are really close to what they marketed. Lumen is not the ordinary condos that you would expect. Concrete columns, stairways, floors and ceiling can been seen throughout these homes. If you are curious about their layout or just bought a condo but wanted to get some ideas on placement of furniture, I’d probably go during the weekend.


– QFC right at your door steps
– Melinda Gates Foundation and proximity to the developing South Lake Union neighborhood
– Unique, one of a kind condominium project in Seattle


– High homeowner dues
– Heavy traffic along Mercer St during peak hours
– Rich pricing
– Inadequate lighting for some of the floor plans

SCR scorecard

Exterior             Good
Interior            Average
Location          Average
Amenities    Above average
Value              Average

Overall            Average

Final Thoughts: Unique, thoughtfully designed, high quality condo that is sure to stand out from most other urban condominiums.

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