McKean’s Grand opening is going to be next Thursday (04/03, 6pm-8pm), they opened their doors to the public today.  Only one model unit is available for viewing while the rest of the units are still in the works. Here are some observations from this vintage conversion:

  1. Great amount of sunlight for the above ground units.  This is largely due to the big windows and west & southwest orientation.
  2. Bathroom is a little tight.  If you are someone who is used to having a large bathroom, this will probably not work for you.  I know it will not work for me 😉
  3. Den area is right next to the entrance with sliding doors that allow you to separate the den from the dinning area and living room.  A nice feature to create privacy if you’re having a guest visiting.  The den area is definitely big enough for a office table and chair but not as a full scale office if you work from home full-time.
  4. #401 has the best view! (Picture above)
  5. The homeowner dues are going to be in the $300’s/month which is fairly reasonable for a building this age.

Floor Plan.



Overall, the building is in a pretty good shape, interior work is done nicely, it’s a little out of the way (from all the conveniences) but at least it comes with parking space (uncovered) which a lot of vintage conversion projects lack.