The Melrose Promenade will forever change the look and feel of the western edge of Capitol Hill. Through the efforts of the community, a transformation of Melrose Ave, Melrose Ave E and other public open spaces could take place. Right now this section of the Hill is simply a “freeway frontage road” but it could soon be “a vibrant and visually stunning promenade”.

The site for the new promenade is located along a one mile stretch of Melrose Ave and bounded by Pike Street to the south and Lakeview Blvd to the north.  Read on to see the goals of the project, the different zones and which condo buildings might be affected.

Some of the project goals laid out on the Visioning Project are:

  • Improve pedestrian connections and safety at intersections
  • Improve bicycle connections, parking and facilities
  • Enhance connections to transit corridors
  • Activate underutilized street right-of-way and park spaces
  • Take advantage of views of lake, mountains, and downtown
  • Create multiple vibrant neighborhood gathering spaces

The three zones of the Promenade:

  • Active Urban Zone- from E Pike to E Denny Way
  • Overlook Zone- from E Denny Way to E Roy St
  • Park Zone- from E Roy St to Lakeview Blvd E

Condos likely to be affected by the new Promenade:  

Melrose Promenade

Whether you already live in one of these condo buildings, or might be considering buying in one of them, there seems to be some potential benefits to the livability, walkability, and neighborhood connections if this proposed Promenade is completed.  It could be a very positive impact for this area’s condo market.

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By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.