April numbers are in and in a word, things appear "unchanged."  After a nice 30% boost in sales from Feb to March, sales in April were almost identical to March.  Prices were up ever so slightly, and total listings were almost identical.  So people are still buying (though not more or less than before) and people are still selling (also no more or less than before) and they're doing it at almost the same prices.

My advice is if you need a place to live and find a great unit, there's not a lot of risk in buying now since prices are pretty stable.  However, if you're on the fence, waiting and seeing won't incur too much opportunity cost.  

It's similar advice for sellers.  Go ahead if you're ready to unload but if you hold, don't hold your breath for the market to return much higher prices.

Call it the period of condo zen….

Want to see a lot of similar bars on a chart?  Check out the pretty pics below.

Condo Listing month on month

Condo listing year on year

Condo sales month to month


Condo sales year on year

Condo Median Price month on month

Condo Median Price year on year