February 2011 Seattle Condo Market data is in.  Some quick highlights and charts below:

  • Pending sales were down from 175 in January to 165 this past February.  Furthermore, compared to February 2010, February 2011 had 21% fewer pending sales.
  • Listings were up slightly from January 2011.
  • Median prices were up for the second month, the highest median price in the last 6 months.

The biggest disappointment is probably the dip in pending sales and the biggest counterpoint is the strength in median prices.  I'll let readers draw their own conclusions based on the data.

Feb 2011 Market Update (Sales MOM)

Feb 2011 Market Update (Sales YOY)

Feb 2011 Market Update (Median Price MOM)

Feb 2011 Market Update (Median Price YOY)