Sedan_ext_4_main_1Since every condo project has its own personality and positioning in the market. I thought it would be fun to describe buying a condo like buying a car. Both are big purchases and can be highly emotional. Price, reliability, interior comfort and brand (image) are just some of the things that most people will look at before making their final purchase. If you are in the middle of a condo search, here is a list of cars that can be described as close to the condos in Belltown/ downtown/ Queen Anne in Seattle. Keep in mind this is largely subjective and nothing beats seeing the condos yourself or having a good dialogue with a realtor who knows the area (hint, hint) but this should get you started.

Bentley-ultra high end

Four Seasons

Mercedes S Class– Luxury condo with Hotel amenities

1 Hotel
Madison Tower
Olive 8

Mercedes E Class

2200 Westlake

BMW 3-Sporty and small


BMW 5-Bigger, not sporty but more upscale

5th and Madison

Mercedes M Class-Good, solid all around and high end

One Pacific Tower

2006 A4– Entry level luxury

The Parc
Avenue One
Mosler Loft

2004 Model Audi A4

The Vine

2002 Saab


Land Rover– Niche audience with very strong advocates but often overlooked in favor of mainstream choices

Austin Bell
Seattle Heights

2000 Saab– Not on top of people’s list but still have a lot to offer for the price

Arbor Place
Harbor Heights
Bay Vista
Royal Crest
98 Union
The Klee

2006 Honda Accord


2001 Honda Accord (getting new paint job)

Belltown Court

Volkwagen Jetta – fun, entry level Belltown condos

Moda Condo
Belltown Loft
Site 17


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