Stadium_lofts_2 The redesign of Stadium Lofts is causing the project to take longer to complete.  The developer, Nitze-Stagen, and preservation group, Historic Seattle, had initially proposed the stadium Lofts project to be a two-story building. The new plans calls for four additional stories with 70-80 lofts and flat above retail space. This will bring the condo height to approximately 100 feet. A new developer, Maria Barrientos, will be leading the project, although Nitze-Stagen and Historic Seattle will remain involved.

They are currently getting final approval from the city for the new design. One of the major focus areas of the redesign will be to provide parking for more of the homes by rearranging and/or eliminating some of the first floor units. A focus group will be held in May to get a better idea of what sort of finish packages and design elements they will use going forward. The sales center is likely to open either late 2008 or early 2009. Based on the current schedule, the building will be ready early to mid 2010.

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