Another New Condo Building Announced in Belltown

Another new condo building has been announced in Belltown.TeamRise, a Chinese Company, has purchased a quarter-block lot in Belltown for $20 million and plans to put a 22 story building on the site. See photos and read more about this upcoming Seattle condo development.

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Update on Under Construction Seattle Condos – Insignia, Luma, Solo Lofts & Vik

Update on under construction Seattle condos: Insignia, Luma, Solo Lofts, and Vik. There are 4 condominium buildings under construction currently in Seattle and we wanted to provide an update on the current construction status of those 4 buildings for you. See photos and read more about these upcoming Seattle condo developments.

Insignia Seattle is 50% Sold in the South Tower

Insignia Seattle is 50% sold in the south tower. The south tower of the Insignia condominium project in Belltown is now officially over 50% sold. With 350 units, that means they have around 175 units in contract. Read for more information on this Seattle condominium development.

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Condos Great for Your Pooch! – Seattle Condominiums with Dog Friendly Amenities

Seattle condos great for your pooch! Seattle condominiums with dog friendly amenities. These Seattle condos have added extra amenities for dogs such as piddle patches or dog washing stations. See photos and read about these Seattle condominiums.

New Construction on 2nd Ave and Virginia – View Alert & Potentially Condos

New construction on 2nd Ave and Virginia: view alert and potentially new condos. Continental Properties, the Developer of the Cosmopolitan in Downtown and Canal Station in Ballard, have purchased the lot at 2nd Avenue and Virginia St, directly to the south of the Cristalla Condominiums. They plan to build a 400 foot tall 300 unit building on the lot according to PSBJ and Continental Properties website.

400 Foot Residential Tower Near Belltown and Pike Place Market

400 foot residential tower near Belltown and Pike Place Market. According to the PSBJ, Continental Properties, the developer of the Cosmopolitan Condominiums downtown, just purchased a lot on 2nd Avenue and Virginia Street near the Pike Place Market with plans to build a 400 foot tall residential tower. See photos and read about this upcoming Seattle development.

Quick Insignia Sales Update – 100 Units Sold

Quick Insignia sales update: 100 units sold. Insignia condominiums in Seattle announced yesterday that in 6 months they have sold 100 units. See photos and read to learn more about this Seattle condo development.

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Condo Review – Royal Crest in Belltown

Seattle condo review: Royal Crest in Belltown.The Royal Crest is one of Belltown’s original condo towers and is located on 3rd Ave and Lenora Street toward the southern end of Belltown. Although an older building, compared to many of the newer options in Belltown, it can offer a more affordable option for those looking for views and the Downtown/Belltown location.

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