There are 4 condominium buildings under construction currently in Seattle and we wanted to provide an update on the current construction status of those 4 buildings for you.

INSIGNIA in Belltown
Today when visiting the construction site at Insignia, I was excited to see that they have started painting the podium section of the south tower.  The south tower, which is the only tower currently available for purchase, has topped out and currently crews are  are assembling the steal frame for the rooftop amenity structure.  The north tower, which is not yet available for  presales, is already constructed up to the 10th floor with crews getting ready for 11th floor concrete pour. At this phase in the construction, you can finally start to see how far apart the north and south towers will be from one another now that both towers are constructed above the podium section, which houses the amenities and the lower floor units.
Insignia Construction 10.14.14 Insignia Construction3 10.14.14

SOLO LOFTS in Ballard
Stopping by Solo Lofts, which is a 20 unit condo building on NW 57th St in Ballard, we can see they have completed all of the site excavation and are now starting the foundation and footing work for the parking structure which is below the the condo units to be constructed.  They are estimating completion in early 2015  and are reporting they are about 60% sold at this time.
Solo Construction4 10.14.14 Solo Construction3 10.14.14

VIK in Ballard
Just one block away from Solo Lofts is the Vik condominiums, also currently under construction, at NW 56th and 20th Ave NW.  They are a bit farther along with all of the ground excavation completed and they are already working on the second level of their multilevel underground parking garage. Vik is estimating completion in December of 2015 with presales underway and approximately 29 of their 117 units (25%) are in reservation already.
Vik Construction 10.14.14 Vik Construction2 10.14.14

LUMA in First Hill
Although Luma, a new condo project located in the First Hill neighborhood at Boylston and Seneca, recently announced they have broken ground, at this point that appears to be limited to setting up the infrastructure for the electrical utility connection at the site.  Makes sense, as it takes electricity to build a building, right!? Construction workers on the site reported to me that they will start excavation at some point soon but did not have specific dates to share. Luma will be a 24 story high-rise condo building with 168 units planning to start presales in early 2015.  At this time they have not yet released unit pricing and floor plans.
Luma Construction2 10.14.14 Luma Construction3 10.14.14

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.