Condo Sales Spotlight – Escala in Downtown Seattle

Condo sales spotlight: Escala in Downtown Seattle. Here is a highlight of the sales at Escala in Downtown Seattle's Midtown neighborhood over the last 6 months. Read to view the breakdown of the sales at Escala in Downtown Seattle.

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Escala Condo Update

Seattle condo review: Escala condo update in Belltown/Downtown Seattle. It is time for an update on Escala Condos in Belltown/Downtown, one of the few new contruction condo buildings with units still available in Seattle.

Seattle’s Escala Penthouse, a Billionaire Businessman, and a Naive College Student

Seattle condo review: "Fifty Shades of Grey" features a condo building in Seattle called Escala where the characters make sweet love all over the place in the penthouse.

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Enso’s Sellout Pricing

Seattle condo review: Enso recently announced updated pricing for their 11 remaining homes. The reductions for their one bedroom are fairly modest and range from 5%-7% and two bedroom reductions range from 4%-7%. Read a review and view a chart comparing prices before and after for this Seattle condo development.

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