Perks of Living in a Condo Above a Hotel

Seattle condo review: Perks of living in a Seattle condo above a hotel. There are only a few condominium buildings in Seattle that are above or part of a hotel. The condo buildings that fit in this category are 2200 Westlake, Olive 8, Madison Tower and Four Seasons Residences. See photos and read about the perks of living in a condo above a hotel in Seattle.

Olive 8 Closed 148th sale and Reducing HOA Dues By 15%

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 is 65% sold as of this press release.

Downtown Seattle Condo Blog Update

Seattle condo review: Downtown Seattle condo update. Read a quick update on Escala and Olive 6 in Downtown Seattle.

Olive 8 Reset Pricing?

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 reset pricing? The reset pricing is between 13-23% lower than the previous listing prices but are still considerably higher than auction prices. View charts and read a review of this Seattle condo development's price changes.

Olive 8’s Video & New Reset Pricing

Seattle condo review: Olive 8's video and new reset pricing. Olive 8 announced reset pricing for their remaining homes. Olive 8 recently posted a video hosted by Tom Kelly, a nationally syndicated real estate columnist and author discussing about the reset of Olive 8 and the downtown condo market.

Olive 8 and Fifth & Madison Update

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 and Fifth and Madison update. Olive 8 auctioned off 32 units, with all but 4 being sold. Out of the 16 auction homes in Fifth and Madison, 13 closed within 60 days.

Olive 8 Auction Results

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 auction results. Thirty two homes were auctioned off by Kennedy Wilson. The homes were sold for an average of 66% of the previous listing price. Read a review of Olive 8's auction.

Olive 8 going Auction

Seattle condo review: Olive 8 going auction. Olive 8 is going on Auction on September 19th. 34 homes will be auctioned by Kennedy Wilson.

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