Trace_lofts_2 Trace Lofts preview event took place yesterday and it felt more like a party than a preview event. One prospective home buyer commented that he liked the set up and another was thankful there wasn’t a lot of hard selling.

The first three levels of Trace Lofts is the original structure of the building. The developer has added two additional levels of homes with set back from the original structure.

Douglas fir flooring, reclaimed (recycled) from old buildings will be used in Trace living spaces. Other finishes include bamboo, basalt stone, terrazo and recycled vinyl. Each unit comes with parking and storage. Homeowner dues has not been determined at this point of time but expect them to be in line with other condo projects on the market.

Units will feature exposed brick and beams with ceiling heights starting from under 9 feet to over 10 feet.  Penthouse homes will have some ceiling heights up to 13 feet. Floor plans include open lofts, open one bedroom, one bedroom and two bedrooms. All floor plans will be available online on their website today. The only amenity in the building is a roof top garden. A mid-century Manhattan lounge will occupy one of the retail spaces.

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When I asked  Edward Krigsman, President and CEO of ek Real Estate Group, how he thinks Trace lofts will impact the local businesses and the overall character of the Pike/Pine Corridor, he responded with the following:

“The Pike/Pine corridor is a unique area, similar in our opinion to the Pearl District in Portland or Yaletown in Vancouver, BC.  It is filled with eclectic businesses and hangouts, with beautiful old buildings next to teardowns and parking lots crying out for redevelopment as the City becomes more dense. The neighborhood is now experiencing an urban rebirth, and we saw Trace as an opportunity to add an interesting piece to the character of the Pike/Pine corridor.  The Trace Lofts project began with the premise that the handsome corner building had always been an iconic entry point into the neighborhood which was crucial to preserve.

Our developer collaborated closely with other key players in the neighborhood to plan for a mixed-use design that would enhance this highly textured environment.  This is particularly true with respect to the street-level retail spaces, which are critical for people to maintain their connection to an area.  Just as Trace Lofts is not displacing any residents, it also does not displace any current businesses.  In fact, our project is adding additional retail space to the area. The developer is working on filling the retail spaces with small, locally owned retailers offering unique products and services with a mix of daytime and nighttime uses.  The first of these is the Gun Club bar currently being built in Trace by Michael Klebeck, creator of Seattle’s beloved Top Pot Doughnuts and Sun Liquors.  We are also encouraging potential retailers to create distinct design elements in their façade, including customizing their own storefronts and signage. 

One of our main objectives for the project is to ensure that the character of the block and its surrounding neighborhood (including 12th and Madison and Pike/Pine) remains intact, strengthening the community and culture that already exists. This is the primary reason we took the path of refurbishing an existing historic building and utilizing an adjacent unused lot to create new living and retail spaces. With the addition of new retailers and residences, we believe Trace Lofts will have a very positive impact on both the retail community and overall character of Pike/Pine.”

Review not available at this moment, please check back in the summer : ).

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