Trophy_building_seattle_3Pb Elemental, a design and development company focusing on contemporary residential/commercial design is currently in negotiations to acquire a piece of lot near Denny Way and Yale Ave.

If they are successful in the acquisition, the plan is to build a 440′ condo consisting of only 19 homes. Each home will occupy 2 floors with residents having direct access to their home. According to Pb, the square footage will range from 1,700 to 3,500.

If you think that Icon has a narrow foot print (approx. 11,000 square feet), Trophy building foot print is going to be approx. 2,000 square feet. Due to its small foot print, it will pose some structural challenge (Read more on SLOG). Seems like a woman in stilettos. On the other hand, the design is definitely striking and memorable.

The pricing for these homes will start at $2M!! This is close to Four Season starting prices two years ago. However, since their plan is to get the building permitted and wait for the market to warm up, work may not start for 2-3 years.

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