Currently housing Vulcan’s South Lake Union Discovery Center and the Denny Playfield, the lot on the corner of Westlake and Denny will soon be developed. According to PSBJ, Vulcan is in the early planning stages of developing the property and has applied for land-use and construction permits.

It is too soon to tell the details of what they will erect there and when, but the permit does mention both an office building and a residential tower. So perhaps it will be similar to their development across the street with Enso Condominiums and the office building attached to it.

Map of Discovery Center Site

Condominium Buildings Affected:

  • Enso Condominiums– the units facing NE & NW might have their views affected depending on how tall the buildings might be and where on the lot they are situated.  Luckily the view corridor up Westlake to the North would be intact of course.
  • 2200 Condominiums– The outlooks from the units facing North and NW might their views altered depending on how tall the new buildings might be and where on the lot they are situated.

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.