Onni BuildingAs we previously posted in November, Onni Group out of Vancouver BC is planning to construct 4 new towers in South Lake Union. They have released some new information on what will be built on the site, which is between Boren Ave N and Fairview Ave N and from Denny Way to Thomas Street.

According to the PSBJ, the current plan is to build a two-towers at 40 stories with over 1000 residential units for the block fronting Denny Way. Then on the block to the north, they plan to construct  two towers, each at 24 stories. Together there will be almost 2000 units in the project.  By comparison, Insignia Condominiums, currently under construction in Seattle, will be roughly 750 units between the two 40 story towers.  If this Onni Project is built and completed as condominiums, it would surpass Insignia as the largest condo development in Seattle. 

Still no word if this will be apartments or condos at this point, and looking at Onni's website it appears that they build both apartments and condominiums so either is a possibility.

Rendering courtesy of PSBJ/Onni Group

 By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.