ConstructionToday I decided to do a walk by the new condo project Luma on First Hill to check things out and I was happy to see it looks like they're about a third of the way up on the construction of the main structure as crews are preparing to pour the concrete flooring for the 8th floor.

You can also start to see some of the larger patio spaces taking shape on the first and second floors which is fun to see how large those spaces are. Also while walking around the site I was surprised to see a new pocket park just one block to the north that has been built at the corner of Boylston and University and people already enjoying their lunch at the new tables and chairs.

Pre-sales at Luma are well underway and and the completion of construction is still estimated to be summer of 2016.

For those buyers currently in the market for a condo here in Seattle a pre-sale can be a great option especially in light of the very limited inventory of a resale condos. Also a pre-sale is a unique opportunity to pick the preferred floorplan and preferred view orientation that works best for you as well as avoid competition and competing offers found in the current condo resale market. If you'd like to talk through some of the pros and cons of different pre-sale condo buildings including Luma, our team is available to help.

Park Consturction2

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.