Discovery_center_lg_6Vulcan’s Discovery Center re-opened yesterday. This time, they have a more detailed presentation for their three South Lake Union projects. The three condos’ home selections day will start from Dec through February 2007 with Veer in December, Enso in January, and Rollin in February.

Update of the condos in the Discovery center:


• Kitchen model with flexi loft – the flexi space does not feature the actual height of the ceiling, only a representation of how it looks
• Scale model of the condo


• Kitchen and bathroom model (featuring cool color scheme with rustic bathroom granite countertop)
• Scale model of the condo
• More finish selections
• Doll house of the different floor plans
• Touchscreen presentation with floor plan selections and estimated views from different floors

From the floor plan selection, you can see that units on the 8th level onwards on the north side will have Lake Union view.


• One bedroom model unit (the model home is a variation of their 03,07,09 floor plan)
• Scale model of the condo
• More finishes selections
• Touchscreen presentation with floor plan selections

Overall, the center has a much clearer presentation than their June event. So far, from the scale model of the three condos, Enso has the most impressive architectural design. If you feel that you have not gotten a full picture yet during your informational overview appointment, it is worth the trip. For buyers who can’t decide between Enso or Rollin and are looking for a view unit, this is a good time to do a comparison before your home selection appointments.

As for The Martin, it will have its own sales center. Currently, there are no dates yet on when they are opening.


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