22_west_lee_bldg22 West Lee had its grand opening last weekend and 3 out of their 20 units were sold. The condo sits close to the top of Queen Anne Hill and offers 4 different layouts with two bedroom and two bedroom plus den floor plans. I particularly liked the top floor units as they come with air conditioning and have an extra 6 inches ceiling height than lower floor units.

So far, I’m most impressed with their 503 & 603 floor plan. While the space could be more efficient without the long entry way, the open floor plan in the living area with windows on most sides of the room provides expansive views of the neighborhood as well as the Puget Sound.



If you appreciate a huge master bathroom and fire place, 01 floor plan is the way to go. The only trade off is you don’t really get as much view as the 03 floor plan. The 04 floor plan has a smaller master bedroom but it comes with a large balcony. 02 layout seems to be the most efficient but has fewer windows. The floor plan is also the most common layout that you probably can find in other condo buildings. Each unit comes with two parking so you don’t really have to worry too much about street parking.

Here are some of my impressions of the condo:

• They layout for the units in this building are nicely proportioned with great workmanship on their finishes. I probably wouldn’t pick black kitchen sink over stainless steel sink. As the black sink shows dirt a lot easier than stainless steel.

• The condo’s only amenity in the building is the club room. If you feel that Queen Anne Hill can fulfill most of your lifestyle needs then the limited amenities will probably not be a big deal.

• The tree lined street has a very suburban residential feel. Very pleasant and peaceful.

• Great view from most of their units.

SCR scorecard

Exterior           Good

Interior         Very good

Amenities      Average

Location          Good

Value            Average 

Overall            Good

An exclusive residential building with a good location.

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22 West Lee


UPDATE (4/29/07):  Changed value rating from "good" to "average" based on large premiums offered by initial buyers over the asking price.

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