Trace_lofts_interiorTrace Lofts hard hat tours started yesterday. It was great to see the project coming along nicely. They have already built out the 4th and 5th level, which is the addition to the existing building.

We entered the building from the sales center which is going to be used for the Gun club. One of the artifact doors serves as the private door leading from the condos to the Gun Club. Industrial artifacts will decorate the common area as well. Even thought the project is not completed, it’s not hard to imagine the nick nacks that go with the building exemplify the Pike/Pine corridor character. The sales center has a display of a model bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen of Trace North. Recycled vinyl was used in the bathroom and constantine loop carpet in the bedroom.

Img_0260 Trace_lofts_kitchen_3

The interior layout is built out with new windows and insulation. In order to meet the city code, some of the brick walls have to be covered with insulation. Too bad the exposed brick cannot be seen in my client’s unit; it would have added a more gritty, lofty touch to it. Homeowners for Trace Lofts and Trace North will share the parking garage directly below Trace North. Trace Lofts is right on schedule with the sales center communicating a late Aug/early September move in date. Parking spaces will only be available for homeowners after Trace North is completed.

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