Rick S., an SCR reader, sent me info about this cool condo in New York which features "En Suite Sky Garages."  Apparently, owners can drive their car into a car elevator and park their car in their condo. I suppose the advantage is you don’t need to lug things from your parking spot to the elevator and through the hallways as well as general convenience of having a reserved spot steps from your kitchen (the idea of getting stuck in the elevator seems kinda scary though). 

Check out the movie here (click in "en suite sky garage" link on the left) to see it in action – it’s definitely cool.  This is indeed a very forward thinking feature. I would imagine you will be sacrificing more unit space for the convenience of hoping into your car whenever you are ready to go.  Not sure how they’ll deal with emissions / security either but the creativity that goes into a design like this is definitely provocative.  Come to think of it, I wonder what happens if a bunch of people are arriving home from work. It’s not like you can put more than one car in the elevator at the same time?

Perhaps this will be one of those things that gets design awards but isn’t embraced by most buyers.  Thoughts?