Alexandria_2Alexandria condos is located on the north end of Belltown on 3028 Western Ave.  This 6 story wood-framed building has 79 condo units and is one of the few condos in Belltown that was built in the early 1990’s.

The condo building has studio, one bedroom and two bedroom floor plans with studio sizes ranging from 280 square feet to 450 square feet, one bedroom from 450 square feet to 806 square feet and 2 bedroom ranging from 930 square feet to a little over 1,000 square feet.

Alexandria is often overlook by home buyers and sometimes mistaken as an apartment building but the condo has some amenities to offer which may not be found in other condos — specifically, a sun tanning room and library.  Other amenities include a fitness center, sauna, recreation room, rooftop deck and courtyard.

The main selling points for this building are probably the lower price per square foot and proximity to the Olympic Sculpture Park.  If you are looking for a two bedroom under $400,000, or if you prefer a one bedroom with water view but do not wish to pay as much as you would in places like the Concord and Vine, it’s worth checking out the inventory in this building. The main trade off for Alexandria is perhaps its location, dated common areas, and lack of that strong concrete and steel feel.  The busy Western Ave at this end of Belltown has also turned off some homebuyers from considering this building.  As for the dated interiors, it looks like the HOA has plan to renovate it this year.

Overall, in terms of value for your money, Alexandra is pretty good and if you’re willing to compromise in some areas, it’s a great buy for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get into the Belltown market.