I've been reviewing quite a number of condo projects in downtown and Capitol Hill lately so I thought this time I would venture a little further from the downtown core and look at some conversion projects that I have been wanting to check out in the center of the universe, Fremont.

Azul Condo Exterior Live Fremont Condo

Azul is a 4-story building located on 120 N 39th St.  This building was converted in early 2007.  There are 30 homes with studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom floor plans.  Studios are a little under 500 square feet, one bedroom's range anywhere from 476 sq.ft. to 705 sq.ft. and two bedrooms are 729 sq.ft. to 1,010 sq.ft.  Since the conversion, they have sold out of almost all the homes except for a studio ($175,500, 448 sq.ft.) and a one bedroom ($212,310, 464 sq.ft.).  More pictures.

Live Fremont is a more recent conversion building located 6 blocks southeast of Azul on 3636 Evanston St. There are 19 homes in this building; 17 of them are one bedroom's and 2 are two-bedroom units. Square footage for the one bedroom's range from 512-618, and two bedroom is 913. So far there are 4 remaining homes still available as of this post.  More pictures.

How do these two projects compare? 

1.) Both have pretty similar work done during the conversion.  Both have a new roof and siding. I like the glass panels Azul installed for the balconies, which you don't find too often in Fremont.   

2.) Parking spaces are available for Azul's owners but they are limited in Live Fremont.  Although home buyers can rent a spot at a nearby parking lot.  Storage is available in Live Fremont but not in Azul.

3.) Azul has outdoor individual spaces for the residents, either a patio or balcony; in the case of Live Fremont, they have a shared central courtyard with an outdoor pool.

4.) Finishes in Azul are nicer. There is also hardwood floors throughout the living area. Live Fremont has carpet.

Overall, both are pretty decent conversion projects with Azul having a better level of finishes.  However, the trade off is it is a little further from the center of Fremont than Live Fremont.  The one nice thing about Live Fremont is that it is not on a busy street like Azul and it has an outdoor pool, a pretty neat amenity for such a small building.