Ballard_library_4Ballard News Tribune ran a story about the Ballard Library demolition which appears to be delayed. Below is an excerpt, click here for the full article.

"Ballard’s old library, now home to Abraxus Books, is safe from the demolition axe – at least for now.

Pryde Johnson Developments own the building at 5711 24th Avenue Northwest. It’s sat empty for the last two years until the bookstore moved in March 1 from a warehouse on Seaview Avenue.

The developers had planned to build a mixed use, retail-residential building there with about 94 units and 120 below grade parking stalls. A design review meeting was held last spring, but the project was put on hold while other developments in the neighborhood are underway, including Pryde Johnson’s own Hjarta Condominiums on Northwest Market Street."


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