I posted this poll two weeks ago asking SCR readers which Seattle condo projects would get the best 3 year ROI.  The condo projects included were Cosmopolitan, The Martin, Mosler Lofts, Trio, Parc, Lumen, Enso, Rollin, Veer Lofts, and Escala. 161 votes came in and here are the results.

The majority of readers feel that Mosler Lofts will represent the condo that will get the best 3 year ROI followed by Lumen. (If you have the chance to drive along Mercer St, you will see Lumen construction are moving at very fast pace.)  Escala, a new condo that just had their preview event last Thursday, came in third. Trio, The Martin and Rollin came in at the bottom three.

Mosler Lofts        25.3%

Lumen                 16.9%

Escala                 12.7%

The Parc              9.6%

Veer Lofts            9.0%

Cosmopolitan      8.4%

Enso                    7.8%

The Martin           3.6%

Rollin                   3.6%

Trio                      3.0%

Thanks for participating in this poll.  I’ll have a new one on the right hand side of this blog every couple of weeks.


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