In a previous SCR poll, 66% of readers found the bulk buying process a bit complicated.  Perhaps sensing the confusion as well, the folks behind the bulk buying program are now offering a series of events and even a video explaining how this works.

Furthermore, here's the explanation I got from the marketing firm in response to some of my own skepticism as well as reader sentiment:

So far, they have listed the nine remaining homes at The Decatur (21 released total) in the NWMLS (twelve of them have been reserved to date with three back up positions for a total of fifteen reservations.)

Bulk buy quick video can be found at

Decatur bulk buy pricing

They're also hosting a series of events as follows:

  • Wednesday, October 21 (5-7pm) – Eleven Eleven East Pike Homebuyer Preview and Q&A
  • Thursday, October 22 (5-7pm) – The Decatur Homebuyer Preview and Q&A
  • Saturday & Sunday, October (12-6pm) – The Decatur and Eleven Eleven East Pike Sales Event

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