It’s a Seller’s Market: Seattle Condo March 2013 Update

Seattle condo review: Seattle condo March 2013 update. It looks to be the same in every neighborhood, sales are up, median prices are up, but the inventory is flat. Read the full update.

Seattle Condo Market Update: Soft Landing for the Winter

Seattle condo review: Seattle condo market update- soft landing for the Winter. November 2012 data are in. Here's some key takeaways and of course, the charts.

September 2012 Condo Sales Stronger than Expected

Seattle condo review: September 2012 Seattle condo sales. Sales were much stronger this year. Overall, we saw a nice September with some encouraging signs that the Seattle condo recovery continues to plod forward.See charts and read a full review on the stats of September 2012 Seattle condo sales.

July 2012 Seattle Condo Market Conditions: Queen Anne / Magnolia Power Ahead

Seattle condo review: July 2012 Seattle condo market conditions. July 2012 market data is in. Here's what you need to know and a bunch more. See charts and stats about Seattle's condo market in July 2012.

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