November 2012 data are in.  Here's some key takeaways and of course, the charts.

  • After several year-over-year thumpings of monthly 2011 sales, November 2012 was higher than November 2011…but only by ~15% (versus the ~30% advantages we saw in September and October year-over-year comparisons).  Perhaps the we're finally settling in for our winter hibernation.
  • Median prices for Seattle overall saw a soft landing, slightly higher than November 2011 but considerably lower than the banner October 2012 numbers ($245K versus $275K).
  • At the neighborhood level Belltown/Downtown remains the most solid overall with sales almost as high as October 2012, median prices up 10% month over month, and inventory still tight.   


Seattle Condo Sales MOM

Seattle Condo Sales YOY Seattle Condo Median Prices MOM

Seattle Condo Median Prices YOY

Seattle Condo Listings MOM

Seattle Condo Listings YOY


                                        Belltown / Downtown 

 Belltown & Downtown Condo Sales

Belltown & Downtown Condo Median Prices

Belltown & Downtown Condo Listings


                             Capitol Hill / Madison / Central 

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Sales

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Median Prices

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Listings


                                Queen Anne / Magnolia

Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Sales

Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Median Prices

Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Listings

 By Wendy Leung with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle Condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.